Disease and Pathology

Nearly every disease known to man begins as an adaptation whose protective affects are surpassed to the point of harm. For example, autoimmune diseases of any sort are an abnormal response of the bodies immune system, which, when normally functioning, seeks to protect the body from foreign invaders. However, in autoimmune disorders, normal parts of human cells or tissues are recognized as foreign and attacked by the body itself! Learn more about how pathologies come about in the context of evolution.

Life in the Post-Antibiotic Era

With an uncanny ability to evade host defense mechanisms and far-reaching social implications, HIV is arguably the most impactful infectious disease of the modern era. Join me for an info-packed mini-series titled “The Basics of HIV” where we introduce this virus and explore all of its intricacies.

It may have been a while since you’ve heard news about the Zika Virus, but does that mean we have put this disease to rest for good? Research suggests it may still be affecting our world in subtle, but significant ways. Jordan brings a new perspective on how this is happening, and what we are doing about it.

How the advantages conferred by some diseases keep them alive and well.

The progression of prostate cancer holds many mysteries, but the recent discovery of the disease’s cellular origins by a group of scientists may hold the potential to develop new treatments as well as design new, non-invasive models for study.

Get the inside scoop on the process of diagnosis in the medical field, which boils down to one simple, innocent-seeming acronym, and how a struggling medical student can use it to come to critical conclusions about patient health.