Bacteria, lobster dinnahs and some really cool science

Congratulations to two of our writers, Ricky and Jason, who presented their research at the Gordon Research Conference for Applied and Environmental Microbiology last week! Scientific conferences are an awesome way to not only share your own research (and get new ideas), but also to hear about the latest advances happening in science. Conferences are a big energy commitment - usually a week or so long, you attend lots of talks, network with a ton of people in your field, and if you’re lucky, you get to explore some of the sights in the conference location, which happen in some pretty far out places. This particular conference was held in Boston, so you can bet they served us plenty of Chowda and that the Sam Adams flowed freely.

Conferences are usually a really fun thing for us scientists to go to; they provide a break from the usual routine and give us a chance to show off our work. You always come back feeling a little more successful and accomplished than when you left, and that leaves us wanting more. Now, back to the lab bench. Those bacteria aren’t going to grow themselves.