Here be dinosaurs

Questions about dinosaurs? Ask our very own bone-hunting, dirt digging paleobiologist, Hoai-Nam, who just returned from an exciting field trip for her research! Over the past few weeks, Hoai-Nam and her research group taught a field course that brought students to western Canada to Dinosaur Provincial Park. There, they studied the local geology, learned how to collect fossils and map quarries, and searched for the bones of ancient beasties.

The group’s biggest find was a hadrosaur (duck-billed dinosaur) femur that was 1.15 meters long! It was encased in iron stone, so it took them three full days of chiseling away and pickaxing the rock; but it was well worth it. The femur (and a bunch of other finds) will be added into the collections of the Redpath Museum in Montréal. Wicked cool, Hoai-Nam!