Our Mission

We live in a time in which a gap exists between the sciences and the rest of the world. This gap makes it hard to separate fact from fiction, and it slows our progress as a civilization. In order to close it, and to help our world and our people in the process, we need to become more informed. It is our goal to make this knowledge more accessible, more understandable, and more interesting.

Our job as graduate students and as scientists comes in three parts: we ask questions about how the world works, we find answers to those questions, and finally, we figure out how that can benefit our species and the world around us. Our job is a difficult one, and sometimes it requires a lot of passion to stay sane. This site is more than just an opportunity to tell you what goes on behind our lab walls, although we hope it will clear some of the fog. It is also a reminder to each other why we got into science in the first place, and how satisfying it can be to answer these arcane questions about life and the universe we live in.

Through articles, videos, interviews, and more, we hope you will find something that interests you on this site, or learn something you didn’t know before. Our writers, all graduate students from different backgrounds all over the country, write to teach, to be understood, and to express their passions about science. May their words find you like a friend.

- The PhDudes