Atmospheric Sciences

With little of the Earth’s surface left unmapped and unexplored, those of us with a fascination with new frontiers may turn to the massive one awaiting us: space. While we learn more every day about the desolate, boundless expanse surrounding our blue world, it has not yet become practical or necessary to venture out too far. Until that day comes, continue reading here to learn about the newest discoveries in space, our progress in exploring our corner of the galaxy, and what a space-bound future for humanity could look like.

Celebrating 50 years since we walked on the moon... and where we go from here

Black holes have been all over the news, lately. Join us for this mind-bending journey into space to get an idea of what a black hole actually is, and how they can help us understand our own world better.

It seems that wherever humans go, we bring trash with us. As space begins to become dangerously polluted with junk, we are being forced to treat it as a resource not unlike those on earth: finite, and vulnerable.

The trip to Mars, whether to stay or to simply explore, is inevitable. Keep reading to find out who is spearheading the efforts to go there, and what an interplanetary future may look like.

Voyager II will soon leave the solar system for the depths of interstellar space. How far behind Voyager II will we be in exploring the greater Universe? Keep reading to find out.